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The Legislature has imposed strict consequences upon those convicted of the offense of Driving While Intoxicated. For instance, one accused of DWI remains ineligible to receive a deferred adjudication; that is, the opportunity to have the charges dismissed following the successful completion of a probation. Further, a conviction for DWI results in the payment of a surcharge of a minimum of $1,000.00/year for three years just to retain a valid driver's license. Because of these severe implications, one charged with DWI demands quality representation.

Our investigation begins with a comprehensive review of the videotape of your arrest at the scene and subsequent transport to the station. This evaluation reveals police conduct that aids our office in judging the legality of your arrest. Further, the videotape captures your performance on the Standard Field Sobriety Tests and your overall demeanor throughout the arrest. Upon viewing the videotape, speaking with the prosecutor assigned to your case and consulting with you, our office can then present your with the best options by which you may dispose of the case.

In addition to representing you in the criminal prosecution of the DWI, representation for DWI by our office includes a challenge of the suspension of your driver's license. This hearing provides us with the invaluable opportunity to cross-examine the arresting officers and intoxilizer technician in an effort to prevent the suspension of your driver's license and gain information concerning the facts of the arrest. this type of hearing must be requested within 15 days of your arrest or it is waived.

The law offices of Redington & Redington have represented citizens accused of DWI for 30 years. This experience enables our office to continue to get the results that our clients desire.