Expunctions/Petitions for Nondisclosure

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A right to expunge a criminal record exists in certain circumstances. For example, if disposition of your criminal case resulted in a verdict of not guilty or if your case was dismissed prior to trial, you may be eligible to have any records of this matter expunged. In helping you clear your record, our office will determine whether you are eligible for an expunction, file a petition requesting expunction with the appropriate court and serve all state agencies that may have any record of your criminal case.

In september 2003, the Legislature provided similar relief to those who successfully completed a deferred adjudication by allowing them to petition for nondisclosure. Like the expunction statute, nondisclosure only applies to certain misdemeanors and felonies. Following the successful completion of certain deferred adjudication probations, the judge has discretion to order the county clerk not to divulge information concerning the court case to private entities.