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The severity of theft cases is dependent upon the value of the alleged stolen property. Theft cases range from Class C Misdemeanors to First Degree Felonies.

The offense of theft is considered a crime involving moral turpitude. Consequently, a theft conviction carries serious legal and social consequences. Legally, a theft conviction can be used to impeach the testimony of one who testifies in court. Socially, employers may be hesitant to hire potential employees with theft convictions marring their records.

For these reasons, among many others, a change of theft is very serious and demands immediate attention. The law office of Redington & Redington will shrewdly evaluate your case and present your with available options for disposition. If it is a case involving restitution, our office will contact the prosecutor assigned to your case to determine whether restitution can be made without pursuit of a criminal conviction.

Regardless of the circumstances, our office will pursue every avenue of relief and work to achieve the end result that you desire.